Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Julia Update

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Julia. Julia's heart biopsy was good. It showed an R1 rejection which is normal. Doctor's have decided to lower her immunosuppression meds in order to help with the PTLD. We have tried this before and Julia had rejection. We will try again and re-biopsy her in mid September early October.

Julia's counts continue to be dangerously low. Therefore today she received an antibody to help boost her immune system. It was a long day as the infusion was over 4 hours. She continues to receive injections every other day to also help bring her counts up. Then to add to the day, Julia's PICC line was sluggish so we had to give her a medicine (which I like to call Drano), to unplug it (that was another 2 hours). Her hemoglobin was boarder line today, which means she may need a blood transfusion by next week.

Julia will begin her 4th cycle of chemo next Tuesday. She will also have a repeat CT scan the week of August 10th. If all is well, we will continue with the last 2 cycles of her chemo.

Overall Julia is doing better. She continues to put up a fight and cause trouble for all the doctor's and nurses. She has turned me into her own personal nurse since she won't allow anyone to do her vitals but me. She is a strong, stubborn, feisty little girl, and because of this she has already overcome so much.

Thanks again to everyone for all your prayers and support.


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