Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello Everyone,

I am so happy to report that we received news last night that Julia's CT scan was normal. She is officially in complete remission. Dr. Punnett will process the paper work to remove the PICC line, and we will go down to monthly clinics. We will continue to check counts weekly for now because of the neutropenia. Julia will have a follow up CT scan in February to make sure things are still good. Otherwise we will continue to be monitored by Oncology monthly to make sure things are staying well.

Julia is looking and feeling good these days. I have spoken to some people from Julia's medical team and they have all expressed how happy they are considering how sick she really was. I don't even think we realized how sick she was, but now that we see her we can really tell the difference. Many medical people have admitted that they weren't even sure she would make it. After hearing this from her own medical team I went and looked at pictures of her and let me tell you I cried for days. It really hit me, looking at those pictures and learning that doctors didn't have much hope really made me realize how horrible she looked and how unstable she really was. Right now we have dodged another bullet and Julia has overcome so much. We are optimistic that she will continue to fight and get through everything that is thrown her way. She is an incredibly strong and determined little girl, who will survive no matter what obstacles are in her way. Now that we have been cleared and her PICC line will be removed soon, we are working with Children's Wish to grant Julia her dream of meeting Cinderella. She is so excited!!!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank so many people for all your love, support, cards, e-mails, phone calls, and donations. Without the help from our family, friends, and strangers like you we would not have been able to get through these difficult times. I would like to let everyone know that we will be making a donation in the amount of $3000 to the Oncology Unit at the Hospital for Sick Children in Julia's name from the donations we received. I really believe it is so important to give back, and the hospital needs as much help as they can get. It is a great hospital with amazing doctors who dedicate their lives to our children, and they have saved Julia's life more than once. I want to encourage people who can to join Sick Kid's Miracle Club. For less then a coffee a day you can be helping so many children like Julia. This hospital and these doctors and nurses work endlessly to save our children's lives everyday, but unfortunately they don't have all the answers to save all the children, but maybe with our help one day this will be possible.

I will continue to post and keep you all updated on Julia's condition, and I promise once I have had time to take it all in, and absorb that this is the end I will return all the phone calls.....just bare with me. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Suburbanaires Nolan Fund

Julia has been blessed with so many people in her corner as she fights this terrible fight.

One such group, the Suburbanaires, have generously contributed to Julia's foundation through The Nolan Fund. Please read their story below.


The Nolan Fund

The fund was established in memory of Nolan, grandson of Milt Rainey, Chorus Director of The Suburbanaires, a retired senior "Barbershop Chorus" who meet every Wednesday from September to June from noon until 3 p.m. in Markham.

The purpose of the fund is to assist parents of a child in need over and above what normal agencies cover. Nolan, who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer at sixteen months of age, spent a good portion of his short life in Sick Kids Hospital. The Suburbanaires were able to help cover the parking fees for his parents on their visits to Sick Kids.

Every Wednesday at chapter, the Suburbanaires are collecting pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, loonies, toonies and even paper money in a specially built "Pennies for Nolan" box, to help build the fund. The Suburbanaires are constantly looking for ways to be of financial assistance to parents in need.

We have learned the plight of your child, Julia Morreale, and feel this is exactly the situation for which the Nolan fund was intended. To help you out, the Suburbanaires would like to make a donation of six hundred dollars ($600.00) to assist your family in caring for your child, to be used as you see fit.

We are hoping for the best for Julia. On behalf of the Suburbanaires, I am

Milt Rainey
(Music Director)
902 Lilac Terrace
Whitby, Ontario
L1N 2A5