Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello Everyone,

I wish I had better news to share but I don't. Things have gone from good to bad. Julia is still battling high fevers, and absolutely no blood counts, and doctors don't know why. Despite daily injections to boost her counts we have seen no improvement yet, and the scary thing is no one can explain it. Julia is clinically worse since Thursday, not better.

Julia had a very bad and very scary day. Her fevers reached 40.3, she started vomiting, her blood pressure dropped, and she had blood in her urine. When her blood pressure dropped doctors ordered a bolus (large amount of fluids), to be pushed in her line immediately. Instead of her blood pressure improving after the bolus it got worse. We gave her a second bolus and her blood pressure improved. Although it is not where it should be it's stable right now. Doctor's also added some heavy duty antibiotics to try and control what they think is a bacterial infection. Although the doctors believe she has a bacterial infection they have not been able to find one. If she still has fevers tomorrow they will begin a work up to see if she has a fungal infection. Julia is now on 3 heavy duty antibiotics almost around the clock and hopefully we will see some improvement tomorrow. Julia was suppose to begin her 3rd cycle of chemo on Tuesday but due to these recent events it is likely she will not be able to begin her chemo next week (which is a whole other problem).

I am sorry I have not answered or returned any calls but I can not put into words the challenges and complications we faced today. I am extremely nervous and scared right now, and in no condition emotional to talk. I hope you all understand.

I will be in touch when things improve. I hope and pray tomorrow is a better day.


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