Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's it like?

So what's it been like the last 6 weeks? Anthony and Emily have been at Nadia's parents house, and she's not spending anytime with them, missing out on there growing up, especially Emily. Tests after tests, chemo, bad reaction to chemo, fevers, blood transfusions, meetings with doctors, scans, etc.

Besides the extreme stress with Julia, and not being able to be with their other children, it becomes a financial stress as well, and that is what Mary and I are trying to do...relieve some of the financial stress, and raise money to help with medical expenses, food while in the hospital, parking, things to make Julia happy while she is staying there. Should they need further treatment elsewhere (USA), like many Oncology families decide to do, it will be a financially feasible option.

Julia's parents would like to donate any remaining funds back to the oncology department of Sick Kids at the conclusion of her treatment.

I have added Mary as an author and she'll be blogging more to the day to day of how Julia is doing and I will be blogging just as a Mom and cousin.

I have also invited Nadia as an author, and hopefully she will be able to put a few entries in.

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