Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update from New York

Hi Everyone, I'm happy to report that Julia is out of hospital and received her second cell infusion yesterday. She went absolutely crazy and doctors were forced to drug her which put her right to sleep. She is so tired of all the poking, exams, people, lines, etc. She feels like she has no control. As per doctors strong recommendations we have started giving Julia an anxiety pill which will hopefully allow her to feel more in control and make this whole situation a little easier to handle. She will be back at the hospital tomorrow for clinic, blood work, and an iron infusion. Julia has no iron not even stored in her bone marrow. Doctors feel it is very important that we give her iron through an infusion. We have talked about it for many months and NY has decided it's time. She will go back to hospital on Monday for her 3rd infusion and then we will finally get to come home on Tuesday Feb 12th. Elio is leaving today (we should have all been coming home), so Julia and I will be alone in NY for the next week. I am feeling very nervous about this as I have never been here alone and for those of you who remember this is the place that triggered my anxiety last year. It will be a long week as I don't think I will venture out by myself so we will spend most of our time at hospital and Ronald McDonald house. Also a little nervous that Julia will get sick and I will be alone. They tested her for RSV again yesterday and she is still positive.....boooooooo. Well a couple more hours with Elio here and then we will say our goodbyes. I hope and pray that this next week passes fast and is uneventful. I've been away from Anthony and Emily for 9 days and I miss them so much. Can't believe I have to spend another week without them. Why is it that life can be so cruel and so hard. I will keep you posted on our week here and please pray that Julia finishes her treatment as scheduled and we get home. Nadia

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