Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More drama.......even in NYC

Hi Everyone, On Sunday Julia started complaining that her ear was hurting. Yesterday it started draining thick yellowish fluid. We arrived at Sloan Kettering this morning for cells and after blood work, and vitals the doctor decided to cancel cells for today and postpone them till tomorrow. She wanted Julia to get at least 1 day of antibiotics just to be safe. They also did some viral and bacterial swabs to rule out anything else. Well, about half an hour ago I got a call from our nurse at Sloan.......Julia's nasal swab is positive for RSV (a very serious, potentially life threatening respiratory virus). For those of you who recall this is the virus that was believed to have attacked her heart when she was 6 months old. She will be going into hospital and getting an anti viral infusion to boost her immune system in order to help her fight this virus. Obviously, cells have been postponed till Friday (depending on how she is doing). Which means next weeks cells have also been pushed back. They have asked me to cancel my flight home until further notice. So looks like we will not be returning on Feb 5th as planned. As of right now Julia is feeling fine......now I'm a nervous wreck just waiting for the ball to drop. Sorry for the short update but I'm a nervous wreck and full of worry right now. I will update you as I know more....I promise Nadia

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