Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that this week Julia started cycle 3 of her chemo protocol. She received chemo all week and did pretty good. She had a few headaches and an upset stomach but overall she handled it quite well, with the exception of one of her chemo drugs. One of the drugs Julia gets is so powerful that 24 hrs after receiving it they give her a "rescue" drug to get the chemo out of her system. Unfortunately, Julia still hasn't cleared this drug from her system. Normally the drug should have been cleared by hour 48 - 72, we are at hour 120....of course Julia doesn't follow the rules once again. This upcoming week is where her counts will bottom out and she will be at an increased risk for infection. Due to her severe neutropenia we ask that no one visits until counts recovery. Julia had a heart biopsy on Friday to check if the rejection is gone and the results will be back tomorrow. We are quite anxious for results to make sure everything has settled with her heart.

On a good note, Julia is finally starting to like her nurses and even starting to trust them. We are so lucky that we have the best nurses ever. They are so kind, patient, and understanding, and even though Julia did not make it easy for them they didn't give up. They continued to try and gain her trust and friendship. I am very grateful the nurses have been so good to us, especially Julia.

I have to go but will update all of you with biopsy results as soon as possible.

Take care,

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