Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Update

Dear family and friends,

Just wanted to let everyone know that Julia had her heart and bone marrow biopsies yesterday. She also had her PICC line put back in. Doctors felt that she really needed to have a line in for access. She was in the OR for almost 4 hours for all these procedures, and she felt really sick after the anesthetic. She spiked a 39.6 degree fever last night and was put back on antibiotics. She had a rough night last night with high heart rates and low oxygen was pretty scary. She continues to have fevers today and is quite tired. Her heart rate remains high but doctors think it's because of the fevers. Her scan on Friday did not really give us any good answers. The exact words from the docs were "it's not good but it's not bad". There were some concerning things that showed up on the scan but doctors are still not sure how to interpret the results. They are waiting for final report on the scan and the results from yesterday's tests before they re group. We do not have any results from yesterday's test but hopefully we have some answers tomorrow.

We ask that you please say a prayer for Julia during this rough ride.


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