Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scan Results

I will start by saying that Julia has been relatively well. She had a short admission this week for unexplained fevers, and a visit to emerge last week for fevers but overall remains strong. Unfortunately her scan is another thing. I wish more than anything I could share some good news...........but I can't. Julia had her CT scan on Monday and shockingly it is showing a very large mass in her lower abdomen. A completely different spot than her disease back in July. The mass is quite big and doctors are concerned. We are currently waiting for the surgeons to comment on how safe it will be to biopsy. At this point a biopsy is much needed in order to direct our team on treatment options. If you recall in July we did not go ahead with the biopsy as it was too dangerous so our teams treated the disease blindly without knowing exactly what they were dealing with. This time they really need to know what's going on as they find it strange that the disease keeps appearing and disappearing in different spots. The mass is in a difficult area which is surrounded by many vessels and arteries so Julia's oncologist predicts it will be a difficult biopsy but we will wait for the surgeons to way in. Even if it is a difficult biopsy I think we will be pushed a little harder than last time to go after it. As you can imagine we are devastated by the results and worried sick. All the discussions about maintenance treatment or treatments in Israel are obviously on hold with the latest news. I will keep you all posted on the next steps......... Nadia

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