Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Very long overdue update

Hello everyone, I deeply apologize for my absence on this blog. Things have not been easy and really couldn't come to terms with what's been going on. I am currently updating you from Sloan Kettering in NY so I will try and fill you in. The best I can with limited time. In my last post Julia started an antibody/chemo for the concern seen in her stomach. We completed 4weeks of treatment and began more treatments in NY the beginning of July. Upon return from NY at the end of July Julia became very sick. She was admitted and re scanned. The scan showed worsening of the mass in her stomach and given its location the surgeons told us she had a 40 percent chance of bleeding to death on the operating table if we tried to biopsy the mass. We decided not to go ahead and Julia started more intense chemo immediately. She did not do well with the first cycle and was quite unwell. As always she pushed through it, like the champ she is. Se just finished 4 rounds of chemo and once again we have restarted treatments in NY. Julia has had 2of her 3 infusions and we will be back home Dec 4th. I have a big meeting with our NY doc and our TO doc Friday as we discuss treatments going forward. I need to mention the fundraiser put on Saturday by San Antonio Fish Market. It was an awesome event and Julia enjoyed herself so much. Thank you. I also need to mention this amazing lady I met at the hairdresser on Saturday. A regular person like you and I who heard Julia's story and has gone above and beyond to try and help. You know who you are and we thank you. We are forever grateful for you help. On a sad note, I need to talk about a little girl who lost her battle last week. This little girl and Julia have been through their journey's together (heart transplant and PTLD). Very unexpectedly she passed away last week and I am still in shock by the events. This little girl was the most precious, strongest, bravest little girl. She fought so hard and never complained. She will be in our hearts forever. We pray for the family as they face the most difficult days ahead. I am absolutely devastated by this loss. The doctors are ready for us so I have to cut this short. I promise to keep you posted as soon as I can. Once again thanks to everyone for your love and support. Nadia

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