Monday, April 23, 2012

Julia Admitted to Sick Kids

Hi Everyone, Julia has been admitted to Sick Kids for high fevers and generally unwell. This morning it was confirmed (through blood cultures), that Julia has a blood infection called Gram Positive Cocci. I do not know all the details yet but I do know that this requires 2 weeks IV antibiotics and we may need to pull her PICC line. We returned from NYC on Thursday and Julia has completed cycle 4 of treatment. Now we wait for scans and re assess our NY plan based on the results. Julias counts are crazy today. The infection is eating up her cells. Her platelets and hemoglobin are way down and if this continues she will need both a platelet and blood transfusion. My cousin is getting married this weekend in Montreal. We were all looking forwrd to this as our whole extended family will be together. Now it looks like we will not be able to attend unless I can work miracles and do some good negotiating with the docs......unlikely. Today was also scheduled to be Julias first day of school....we really can not catch a break. It is horrible to be back in here as an in patient, and after all the back and forth to NY we all thought it was finally time for some sort of normalcy. Did not think we would have to be back living in here. I will keep you all posted as I know more. Thanks Nadia

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