Thursday, August 11, 2011

NYC Ready For Us.............

Hi Everyone,

A lot of you have been asking on the status of the bloodwork Elio and I did last month with Sloan Kettering. I just got an email from Julia's oncologist today to tell me that they are ready for us. They would like both of us to donate our cells but of course want mine first. Therefore I will do some bloodwork tomorrow at Sick Kids and go into Toronto General next week to do the donation of cells. The collection process involves leukaphoresis - which takes all my blood out through one IV and passes it through a machine to collect only the T cells and then puts it back through another IV. Considering I just about passed out when giving blood last time I am extremely nervous and hope I can do this. Hopefully I will be allowed to pop a few Ativan before the process!! I just keep telling myself its needed to potentially save Julia's life, and keep thinking about all she's had to endure. Sloan Kettering will be ready for Elio once they have received my cells. This means assuming Julia remains well our departure date will be approx. 4 weeks from collection of cells. We will be travelling to NY in the next few weeks to meet with doctors before starting the trial.

Julia was at the hospital Monday for her weekly infusion and bloodwork and will return tomorrow for another infusion and more bloodowork. They tested her EBV counts (which up to know have remained negative due to chemo), and will hopefully get the results tomorrow. As soon as Julia's EBV returns she will need to go to NY, and I have a very bad feeling this weeks results will be positive - I don't know why just a feeling I can't shake. She has been feeling a little under the weather the last few days...........

Again, I thank all of you for your support and will keep everyone posted in the coming weeks.


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