Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

It's been a really crazy week and I'm not really up for talking much about it. I know many of you are wondering what's going on so I will try and give you a brief update.

It is now day 12 of fevers and doctors still have no idea what the source of the fever is. We are on iv antibiotics and started anti-fungal meds, and still fevers. Infectious Disease is now involved trying to find the source. Some of the bone marrow results came in yesterday. It's showing that Julia's marrow is producing the cells but they are being destroyed in the peripheral blood. The million dollar questions is WHY? The next step is a PET/CT early next week to look for evidence of relapse, and than a gut biopsy after that. Julia's counts continue to be bottomed out and despite getting a blood transfusion last week we will likely need another transfusion tomorrow.

As the days go on its obvious everyone is thinking more and more about possible relapse. It's a sad and quite tone all around from everyone in here. This situation is all too familiar and I'm experiencing major deja vu. I refuse to give up and continue to be optimistic that this is all related to infection. And I will continue to believe that until told differently. Obviously I am an emotional wreck right now so I will be in contact when I pull myself together. I really do appreciate all the support and concern.

Sorry for the brief update and thanks for understanding. Please say a prayer for Julia as once again she is faced with challenges.


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