Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Admission

Hi Everyone,

I regret to inform you that Julia was admitted to hospital Monday with fever neutropenia(low counts), enlarged spleen and lymph nodes and lethargy. In rounds yesterday I was basically told that they suspect the disease could be back and we are proceeding with a work up. Later that day our oncologist came to see us and put the breaks on. She has taken us off the experimental drug and moved the Bone Marrow aspirate and PET scan to end of next week. She is not convinced it's disease. Since the experimental drug suppresses the bone marrow she wants her off of it for at least 1 week before doing the bone marrow aspirate. We will be going ahead with an ultrasound today. Julia's x-ray and echo showed some suspicious findings that there is a pulmonary inflammation going on. Last night it was confirmed that Julia has tested positive for Para Flu. This would explain the fevers, and findings on x-ray and echo, but not the other findings. This can be extremely dangerous in immunocompromised kids and can lead to a serious pneumonia. For now she is being well supported and in the right place. Unfortunately this means she will not get out of here for Anthony's communion on Saturday. We have discussed with doctors that IF she's clinically well they will get her out on a pass for a few hours so she can attend the communion. This could not have happened at a worse time but not surprised given our luck.

Yesterday was an extremely emotional day and not in the mood to go into much more detail right now. I will keep you all posted when I know more (which probably won't be till end of next week). Please keep Julia in your prayers.


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