Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know how Julia's month has been. She started the month feeling unwell and doctors weren't quite sure what was going on. Like always we went through all the standard tests and found out that Julia had strep throat. Great news!!! A lot of people found it strange that I was happy about this but you have to understand that when Julia is unwell with fevers and we can not find a source it has doctors pointing to the cancer. So the fact that we had a source (strep throat), was a relief for us. She was treated with antibiotics and was feeling much better. Unfortunately she's passed it to Emily and in the last few days Julia is again not feeling that well. Which could mean she has caught it back again from Emily. We will have to ride it out and see what happens over the next few days.

Julia was at Oncology clinic on Friday and the doctor was happy with everything. Her counts are starting to drop probably related to the new drug but she is not neutropenic which is great. We will have to watch counts closely while she is on this new drug. Her last EBV counts had dropped slightly since being on the new drug and we repeated them on Friday. Hopefully we will see another decline. She is scheduled for a CT scan on April 27th which has me a little nervous. For now we are continuing to monitor things closely with bloodwork and clinic appointments.

I will keep you all posted on how she does the next month.

Thanks again for all your support.


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