Friday, November 26, 2010

Back In Hospital

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that Julia was admitted to hospital on Wednesday morning. She had been feeling unwell for 4-5 days with low grade fevers at night. After multiple e-mails back and forth with doctors they asked me to bring her in on Tuesday to clinic for some blood work. They examined her and could not find a source for the fever and all the standard blood work was ok. They decided to draw cultures because it had been 4 days of fever. On Wednesday morning I got a call from Julia's oncologist that Julia's cultures were positive for a bacterial infection in her blood and I needed to get her to hospital ASAP for IV antibiotics. I immediately dropped Emily off at my mom's and headed to the hospital. When I arrived they started an IV and began broad spectrum antibiotics. At this point they did not yet know what type of infection it was. Yesterday it was confirmed that the infection in her blood is strep pneumonia (one of the worst and most dangerous ones to have). The weird thing is that besides the low grade fevers she was showing no other symptoms and doctors would expect that anyone with this infection would have been really really sick??? She was sent for chest x-ray and echo to make sure the infection was not in her lungs or heart.
The treatment for an infection of this magnitude is 10-14 days in patient IV treatment. When I heard that I almost died. I have no idea how I spent 6 months in here because 14 days feels like a lifetime. Further tests showed that the bacteria is sensitive to Penicillin and since this is available orally I have negotiated with the doctors (or more like begged them)to let us do some of the treatment at home orally. As it stands they are considering the possibility of letting her go home Monday or Tuesday and finishing treatment orally IF Julia remains well and all her blood work is ok. I will not hold my breath and believe it when I'm on my way out of here.

At the same time both Anthony and Emily are really sick and once again I am not able to be there for them. Being back here is horrible. The small stuffy rooms, the lack of privacy, the stupid machines beeping all night, the constant nurses in and out of the room all night long, it all sucks. I am climbing the walls in here and it really brings back way to many bad memories. I need to get out of here.

I will keep you all posted on how Julia is doing and when we get out of here.


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