Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not updating everyone sooner but it has been a crazy month. Julia has had several admissions in the last month due to fever/neutropenia. Her latest admission last week had doctors a little worried about her. She is losing weight, has no appetite, very pale, and very tired. She seems to be getting fevers (with no cause), every 2-3 weeks. Julia is scheduled for a CT scan on February 26th, but her Oncologist feels like we need to move it up. She will try and get the scan done sooner. Of course Julia's blood work continues to be awful, with no explanation. Doctors are at a loss and can't explain the dropping counts. They are planning to do another Bone Marrow biopsy with her CT scan. We have increased her injections to see if this will help improve her counts. The problem is trying to figure out if her symptoms are viral or if there is something more serious wrong. I am trying to remain optimistic that this is just a virus which is taking Julia a little longer to get through.

As you can imagine I am in no mood to talk to anyone and can barely find the energy to write on the blog. I am very worried right now as I watch Julia deteriorate and wonder what is going on. I will try and keep everyone in the loop the best I can, but truthfully right now I am a mess. I thank everyone for your on going support and ask that you say a prayer for Julia.


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