Monday, September 21, 2009

Julia's 1st Day of School

Hello Everyone,

Julia had her last cycle of chemo 2 weeks ago, and she did very well. She was neutropenic (no white blood cells), again pre chemo and this will continue to be a problem for us, but unfortunately doctors are puzzled and have run out of options where the neutropenia is concerned. So we will have to be extra careful and hope and pray she can stay healthy. The bad news is that doctors will not be taking out her PICC line until at least end of November. I was really hoping to have the line out sooner but they feel it is very important to be sure she is in complete remission first.

After much discussion with the doctor, and a lot of back and forth we all agreed that Julia could start school. Today was Julia's first day of school and she had a wonderful day. She was so excited this morning she didn't even wait for me to give her a kiss goodbye before running into the kindergarten yard. She is only starting with 1/2 days for now. But of course it won't be our luck for everything to go off without any drama. I drop Julia off this morning go get a coffee, and am just pulling back in the driveway and the school calls. My heart dropped. It was the secretary, who says "Mrs. Morreale just calling to let you know that a child in one of the Kindergarten classes has chicken pox", my response "Holy Shit". So of course I went in to pure panic mode. I called Sick Kids, spoke to doctors and after much discussion we all agreed that since she was already there it wouldn't make much sense to pull her out. Julia did not come into contact with this child so she should be safe, I hope. When I went to pick Julia up at lunch the principal couldn't help but laugh at the timing and bad luck we seem to be having. Anyways, Julia loved school, and she fit in and adjusted very well according to her teacher. I am so happy for her. When I picked Julia up the teacher shared the funniest story with me. She said Julia got to sit in a special chair this morning and introduce herself to the class. So as she's sitting in this chair she says to the kids "do you know what my favorite song is?". The kids are guessing, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, etc, and Julia is saying "no, no, no", so the teacher says "Julia what is it?", so Julia gets up and starts dancing and says "I GOT A FEELING, TONIGHT'S GOING TO BE A GOOD NIGHT". That's my Julia!!!!!!

Thank you once again for all your thoughts, prayers, e-mails, cards, etc. I ask that you all continue to pray for Julia as the next few months are crucial for us. I will keep you posted on how Julia is doing, and I promise when things calm down a little I will return phone calls, and respond to e-mails. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


I couldn't help my self as I LOVE that song, and so I made Julia her own music video!!-Lot's of love, Ida

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